Object-oriented Classes in JavaScript

I believe ~ 110% of web developers knows about the existence of JavaScript (JS), but not so many have used it before.

Anyway, this article is not intended for any of them but for JS programmers who never used it as an Object-oriented (OO) language and want to do it - or, at lest, know how you can define classes, methods, modify classes and all its instances in runtime (after all, JS is interpreted code) just as you would in Smalltalk, and even define private stuff so no other objects else can access them.

Mac OS X for dev? No, thanks.

I'm a veteran Windows user (for which I'm not proud of), with very little Unix experience, wanting to make the switch and leave M$ aside as much as possible.

My main reasons for this are (from worse to... worst):

  • Need to format every 6 months because of my registry getting fatter and fatter and my gigs of RAM aren't enough to hold all that junk.
  • Impossibility to predict system stability when installing a new third party software. I mean, seriously...

Typical browser users

Hi there,

This is my first post in this blog. I intend to write here some useful coding / architectural tips and other IT stuff, but I'm waaay too busy these days.

Anyway, I've just found this table while browsing some Opera websites and thought it was worth sharing it with you in my first post (click on it to see a larger version):

By the way, I'm an Obsessed Opera user :P

Hope to see you soon back!

PS: borrowed from Opera Watch.

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