- find products with free worldwide shipping

Some time ago a friend of mine and I built a search engine for sites offering free worldwide shipping. It's called -

If you use sites like DealExtreme, FocalPrice, or DinoDirect, you know these sites are great: they offer thousands of products, usually at great prices, with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Compiz, Aero Snap and one addition

I moved from Windows to Ubuntu many months ago, and I couldn't be happier. But there was a particular thing that I liked about Windows 7: Aero Snap - you know, that feature in which by pressing WIN + arrow you get to position your window, maximize or minimize it.

Extended History - contributed Drupal module

I've just contributed a new module for Drupal 6.x called Extended History.

Basically, it allows to keep a record of which nodes were viewed in a per-user basis.

It only provides a block as a frontend-ready feature, so it's meant more for module developers than for a quick grab n' go module.

You can download it from its project page.

I look forward to your comments!

SharedBag: simple and free file sharing

I've just released the first version of SharedBag, a simple and free file sharing service.

You can upload up to 200 MB files and get a URL to share with your friends, colleagues, or whoever you want!

It differs from from other services such as Rapidshare or Depositfiles in that this one is completely free, with no time to wait, no bandwidth limit and the possibility to resume downloads. Of course, every shared file must be legal and not copyrighted :)

Drupal module: Validations

Today I contributed my first piece of Open Source code to the Drupal community! :)

It's the Validations module, which extends Drupal Forms API to easily add simple but often needed validations. If you're into Drupal and code some forms, you'll certainly find it useful :)

It's currently at version 0.1-alpha (I know, not that great, but at least you can use it!).

Please get a copy and give me some feedback - through here or the projects issues page) so I can get it to a beta version, then a RC and finally to a glorious 1.0 release :).

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